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Every year HUSH does a holiday project where they mail something fun to hundreds of past and prospective clients.

This year I got to help with that, and we made an augmented reality game. We thought it would be cool to explore how the AR component could play off of physical objects. We made two different versions - one large scale with a giant 13 foot sculpture in a gallery, and then a small scale sculpture that was mailed out and could be assembled on your desk.

I was one of two technologists that did all of the development in Unity for this project. Users draw spiral-shaped “wishes” which then fly off and join other people’s wishes in a “wishing well” that’s positioned above the physical sculpture.

Check out the case study video below, or download the app from the App Store and try it out!

Josh Peterson is an artist, web developer, and creative technologist based in NYC. Site-specific interactive art is his favorite art.

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